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Benchtop Precious Metal Analyzer GT-SDD7
Benchtop XRF Analyzer 99999 Gold Analyzer GT-FSDDT9
Gold Tester White XRF Gold Analyzer All-in-one GT-N3
Handheld Precious Metals Analyzer XRF Gold GT-FSDD7
Handheld XRF Mineral Analyzer SO-FSDD9
Handheld Precious Metals Analyzer 1.6KG GT-15
Portable XRF Analyzer 4KG Weight High Precision Metal Alloy Analyzer GT-13
Portable XRF Analyzer High Precision Analyzer 4KG GT-FSDD22
Portable XRF Analyzer 4KG GT-15
Precious Metal Analyzer Big Testing Chamber GT-5
Precious Metal Analyzer Gold Tester GT-A7 Aluminium Alloy Shell
Precious Metal Analyzer For Gold Testing and Recycling VR-G5
Ocean Series GT-22
Ocean Series GT-22
Ocean Series GT-13
Ocean Series GT-22
Ocean series XF -A7
Ocean series XF-P0
Ocean series XF-P2
Density Gold Tester
Mini Electric Melting Machine
RoHS Analyzer 790, Alloy Analyzer 890, Mineral Analyzer 990
Density Meter Segment GP 3000K
Portable Laser Marking Machine CXQ-1000

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Founded in 2000, Ocean King India is located in Ludhiana (India) which is a modern and fact growing city of India. The company has several quality products with high technology. Ocean King India has a successful track record of hi-tech electronic gadgets such as-Machinery.

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Ocean King Precious Metal Analyzers are configured to test any size, shape and type of Jewellery or Sample metal. Our XRF Gold tester is specifically designed to suit the usage of Jewellers, both Manufacturers and Retailers and are made economical and affordable. For Hallmark Centers and Customers who seek diversified Elemental Analysis, We offer Si-Pin Diode(Silicon Pin Technology.

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