XRF Gold Testers (Stand Alone 9500)  

Stand Alone 9500
Model : Stand Alone 9500
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Dual display screen design, professional fashion appearance with multi-node pre-start installations and the real-time monitoring system; The cover locks and electronic locks are making day-to-day management more convenient

EXF9500 have integrated industrial computers, hence, no need to connect with an external computer; Its also installed the automated anti-radiation device in order to ensure the user security. Electric devices for opening cover makes the test easier. Ultra-high resolving power can easily settle any complexity requirements for non-destructive analysis the in precious metals industry. Among the superlative spectrometers in precious metals industry. EXF9500 is the best competitive one.
Common Features:
* Analysis Elements: Au (Gold), Ag (Silver),Pt (Platinum), Pd (Palladium), Rh (Rhodium), Ru (Ruthenium), Cu (Copper), Zn (Zinc), Ni (Nickel), Cd Cd (Cadmium), In (Indium), Os (Osmium), Ir (Iridium)
* Analysis Range: 0.01%99.99%
* Test point dimension: 12mm
* Sample Chamber Size: 090 mm
* Spectrometer Size: L500 mm*W500mm*H450 mm
* Test Time: Confirm the elements in 13 seconds, operator could set the time for testing the elements in density.
* Test Precision: +/-0.01% (The Precision could keep 0.01 after several repeated test)
* High Pressure Template: 450Kv
* X-Ray Source: Mo Material X-ray light tube( Wind Cool, No radiation)
* Max. Power: 144W
* Weight: 60Kg
* Detector: Si-Pin (Cooling: Semiconductor)
* Eight fans of the circulatory system, Temperature control system can protect themselves

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