Ocean Series 1043B Automatic Potentiometric Titrator  

Ocean Series 1043B Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
Model : Ocean Series 1043B
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Widely used in food additives, food safety, pharmaceutical production, petrochemical, quality control, research institutions.

Typical Titration Applications:
Acid-base titration - Drugs in Amino Acids, bento thiazide
Redox Titration - Foods Iodine Value,Peroxide Value,VitaminC Water treatment chemical oxygen demand
COD Precipitation titration - Chloride titration,Pb2
Complexometric titration - Calcium,Zinc ion Titration,Formaldehyde
Non-aqueous titration - Perchloric acid titration
pH value/ mV measurement - H+ pH/mV Reminding ions mV

  • 1. The compact designed integrated titrator and convenient automatic titration system
    a). Burette valve integrated design, easy to replace, to avoid different titration, mutual interference of different solutions
    b). Automatic identification pH standard solution group (standard solution group 1:4.00 pH, 6.86pH, 9.18pH; standard solution group 2:3.78 pH, 7.00pH, 10.01pH), supports manually identify
    c). Support setting the system time, Operator ID, Burette type, Burette factor, Stirrer speed, Manual temperature, and Correction potential zero value.
    d). Titration endpoint reminder
  • 2. GLP compliant measurement information, can be traced back more complete information
    a). Stores 200 sets titration results and a set of titration curve
    b). Data deleted, viewed, printed or exported
    c). Complete record of the titration mode. Titration type. Titration start time. Titration end time. Operator. Stirring rate. Burette type. Burette factor. Titrant concentration. Sample volume. End number. Concentration.
  • 3. Upgrade function, reduce costs titration, make the operation more perfect
    a). Software upgrades can be connected to an autosampler, a perfect improve efficiency
  • 4. Titrator control: dot matrix LCD. Key operation. While controlling software. Or are controlled
  • 5. Real-time display on testing methods, the titration curve, the measurement results
  • 6. With a pre-titration (dynamic titration), preset end point titration, the titration mode (two types of dedicated modes titration
    a. HCl → NaOH (0.1mol / L), b. K2Cr2O7 → Fe2 + (0.1mol / L).)
  • 7. Blank titration, manual titration, PH measurement, titration mode, support for generating special titration mode, allowing users to create support for generating special titration mode, allowing users to create up to 8 titration mode
  • 8. Power protection
  • 9. USB interface, RS-232 printer port, supporting special titration software, a PC can be connected via the USB interface. On the computer can instantly display the titration curve and its first and second derivatives.
    Easy to edit and modify the titration modes, and can be the result of statistical
  • 10. Support restore factory settings

Technical Parameters:
  • 1. Measurement Range
    pH value: (0.00 ~ 14.00) pH;
    mV value: (-1800.0 ~ 1800.0) mV; Temperature values: (-5.0 ~ 105.0) °C.
  • 2. Resolution
    pH value: 0.01pH; mV value: 0.1mV; Temperature: 0.1 °C.
  • 3. Basic error
    pH values: ±0.01pH ±1 word; mV values: ±0.03% FS; Temperature values: ±0.3 °C;
  • 4. Burette capacity tolerance 10ml Burette: ±0.025ml; 20ml Burette: ±0.035ml.
  • 5. Burette drive Resolution: 1/20000
  • 6. Titration analysis Repeatability: 0.2%.
  • 7. Electronic unit repeatability error: ≤ 0.2mV.

Packing List:
No. Specification Qty
1 Automatic Potentiometric titration 1pc
2 232-01 reference electrode 1pc
3 213-01 platinum electrode 1pc
4 216-01 silver electrode 1pc
5 217-01 reference electrode 1pc
6 213-01 type pH glass electrode 1pc
7 T-818-B-6-Type Temperature electrodes 1pc
8 Dropping tube (SC5.462.013) 4pc
9 Solution cups (SC8.219.010) 3pc
10 Solution cups (SC8.463.001) 3pc
11 Ejector tool(SC8.227.126) 1pc
12 Burette Valve device 10ml(SC5.461.044) 1pc
13 Stir beads (Small) 3pc
14 Electrode Holder Device(SC5.108.022) 1pc
15 Sealing Ring(SC8.370.249) 3pc
16 Infusion tube (flurine plastic) 3.2 X 0.5 2pc
17 Casing 008NC32-YC5U Imported 3pc
18 Inverted conical Washer 008CZ32 3pc
19 Plastic liquid storage bottel(500ml) 1pc
20 Fuse 5 X 20 (1A) 2pc
21 Universal power supply cable 1pc
22 TP-16 type serial printer cable 1pc
23 USB Communication cable 1pc
24 Product specification and Application 1pc
25 Product certification 1pc
26 Titration Software 1pc
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